A lot of people don't read this sections of a website. Normally its a string of cliches,
interlaced with a few biographical sentences. I'm just going to tell you how I got here and my outlook.

Every since leaving college I can't remember not having a camera. Of course things were different then, it was all film based. I occasionally photographed wildlife but mainly I shot landscapes, that continued to be the case until 2010. I can even recall a family member once asking me why there was never anyone in the photographs I took.

I got married in the 90's. We had a competent, and well known local photographer recording the event. Everything was all very formal, staged, posed and very unnatural. A week or two later we chose the 20-ish photos for the album, which again was a very formal process. This was my first real interaction with professional wedding photographer.

In 2010, I got asked to photograph someones wedding. Once the feeling of panic had subsided, I  said I was honored to be asked but explained that I had never done anything like that before. The bride and groom listened to my concerns about shooting such an important event with no previous experience, they still wanted me to 'give it a go'. I set about learning what I could from wherever I could. For my own experience, I did not want to be the overbearing photographer who thought the day revolved around them. I know I was a nervous wreck that day with the pressure. The photographs got taken, processed and handed over to the newly wedded couple who were over the moon with the results. And that was how it started.

My philosophy is that the traditional formal images are there like an historical record of what happened on that day. The rest of the photographs tell the story of the day. The narration of two people coming together, the joining of two families, the emotions and the personal interactions.
A lot of planning goes into a wedding, and a lot of stress at time too. The day itself is normally a long day, which passes so quickly. So much happens through the day, all of which make it the day to remember.
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